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Posted by Craig Maloney | May 16, 2012 | Filed under: Internet News

The New Bing InterfaceMicrosoft’s Bing search engine now sports a brand new interface that is designed to link your social network with your search results. Announced last week, the new interface is designed to leverage on the fact that 90% of people consult with friends or co-workers before making a major decision by suggesting people within your social network who might know about your query based on their “likes” and posts.

The new interface sports several new enhancements, starting with a clean-up of the existing search engine results page to reduce clutter. The new Bing search engine results page is now divided into three columns, with the standard search results listings on the left hand side, and the new Snapshot and Social sidebars in the middle and on the right, respectively. The Snapshot column contains relevant info on a listing, pulled from sources all over the web.

Snapshot displays additional information on a given listing, pulled from sources all over the web. It will allow you to take actions such as making reservations for a restaurant, straight from the search engine result pages without having to navigate through different pages. The Social sidebar is the focal point of the new feature set, however. Bing can now connect with your Facebook account and will analyze content posted by your friends.

The system will analyze things such as comments, status updates, and even photos to determine who among your friends may know more about your query. Users will also have the ability to share their searches with their friends, and their friends’ friends, greatly expanding their reach. Microsoft plans to develop this system further, adding new partners and enabling integration with other social networks.


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