Our philosophical basis towards search marketing has always been to dominate all of the real estate on search result pages. The more places you occupy, the more likely you’ll get a conversion, generate a lead, make a sale, grab market share and grow your business. And we’ve always found that combining, not separating, your paid search and organic branding is the key to success.

Now, more than ever, digital marketing needs to apply this methodology across all networks that effect last click attribution on search.

This approach requires art, science, and flexibility to succeed. It’s our bread and butter. Our secret sauce. The logic to our code. It’s a simple equation that requires masterful handling.

We lead with pay-per-click.

Using the immediateness of data acquisition through paid search allows your marketing plan to fail fast and paint a clear picture of success - the bottom of the conversion funnel. This is our Rosetta Stone. Right here, we have the keyword targets to your long-term SEO (we refer it to your digital branding). This type of setup and tracking is the science that makes the art so fun... and challenging.

Build the right organic traffic for converting traffic.

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