The Big Difference Between Search and Social Ads

Paid social and paid search ads can help your business attract more customers and increase sales because billions of people use search engines and social media to explore, research, and buy goods and services. However, because social network ads and search engine ads have different advantages and disadvantages, they might produce different outcomes for you.

This is why it plays to your advantage to know the ins and outs of social and search ads. Specifically, howe users interact with the content. Now let’s dive deep into the biggest difference between search and social ads.

What are Search Ads?

The purpose of a digital marketing campaign is to achieve a specific business objective that includes but is not limited to product promotion, brand awareness building, and customer acquisition. By marketing through numerous media platforms, a digital marketing campaign spreads a message to the general public.

A campaign is considered a success when it reaches the intended target and generates new leads or sales.

Today, there are more and more different kinds of digital marketing campaigns available to advertisers, including text, images, video, emails, and experiential (like VR). A combination of all or part of the various types of digital marketing efforts is what is called a hybrid campaign.

And the overall goal of any effective digital marketing campaign strategy is to make clients feel good about a brand.

What are Social Ads?

Social ads are specifically tailored to a social media platform. Typically used to promote products, services, or events. Based on the user’s prior activity, such as their shares, likes, and comments, these ads will be pushed to show up on their feeds.

Targeting particular audiences that could be interested in your goods or services is best suited for social media ads. These ads take into account the location, age, interests, and gender of the target. So you will have varied targeting options depending on the social network you choose to run the advertisements on, allowing you to define your target demographic.

So when a person sees a social ad, they aren’t specifically looking for a good or service. They’re more likely to casually browse through their social media feeds and engage with your adverts. Which makes them more effective at raising brand awareness and encouraging early involvement in the buying process.

So if you’re looking to increase your business’s brand awareness on social media, creating targeted and relevant ads for paid social is likely the best option.

Which is best for your Marketing Strategy?

Your marketing strategy should ideally combine search and social ads. In this manner, you reach your target market more effectively wherever they are in their buying journey.

However, if there are budget concerns, then you have to take into account the following:

  • Are you looking for fast sales?

Then spend money on search ads because it’s focused on finding specific results or answers to questions, unlike social media that’s focused on building relationships and expanding networks with others.

  • Do you want to strengthen your company’s brand to encourage repeat business and customer loyalty?

Social ads are the way to go, however, if you’re still not sure, you can start by looking into what your competitors are doing and how they’re doing their marketing. To get the optimal outcome, you need to run a few test ads to determine what works best for your business.

Now that you have a better grasp of the big difference between search and social ads, let’s get your campaigns moving. If you’re having challenges, or don’t know which direction is best for you, help is just a phone call away at 800-362-1084.

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