How to Get More Clicks With These PPC Best Practices

If you’re wondering why you don’t get the results you wanted with your PPC campaigns then it might be because you’re still using outdated PPC tactics. It’s time to update your list with the most recent ones. In the end, it’s up to you to master PPC and optimize your campaigns for 2023.

The best PPC practices focus on timeless techniques such as audience segmentation and targeting, keyword selection, and data-driven optimization. These practices make sure that your business is getting attention from potential customers and that you’re being set apart from competitors.

However, because of changes in the Google platform and customer behavior, these practices are no longer set in stone. So you have to constantly test and use a variety of strategies if you want to stay at the top of your game. Here are 3 cutting-edge PPC tactics that, regardless of your industry, might help you get greater results.

Promotion Extension

Promotion extension provides extra attention and visibility to your PPC ad because it enables people to get the ideal idea of what your business is offering. This strategy is very effective as it grabs the attention of a visitor, especially deal seekers, in no time. The promotion extension is displayed under your ad in a user-friendly format.

How to utilize it

One of the ideal times to take advantage of it to its fullest potential is by adding seasonal events like “New Year,” “Christmas,” “Black Friday,” etc. Take note that to allow mobile users to view them, you should also activate mobile preferences. No need to worry about upgrading them because doing so is also very simple. Every time, just set the occasion name, and you are done; you don’t need to add fresh wording.

Ad extensions, according to Google, can increase CTR by up to 15%. So be sure that you don’t disregard their significance during seasonal events in the year.

Mobile-Specific PPC ads

PPC ads tailored for mobile have been receiving a lot of attention because more than 60% of marketers are getting considerable results from these ads which makes them invest a sizable amount of money in mobile-specific advertisements.

So a best practice is to make sure your website is properly optimized for mobile consumers before spending money on these adverts. It is preferable to fix this problem before moving on to mobile PPC ads if your website is taking too slow to load on mobile devices.

Tips when creating mobile-specific PPC ads:

  • To give your users a fantastic mobile experience, start by working on your website.
  • Your advertising should have ad extensions.
  • Use compelling terms to aid the consumer in making a quick decision.
  • Your adverts should include incentives and offers.
  • Utilize the day-parting function of AdWords to optimize your advertising for the ideal day and hour.
  • Emojis can be used in advertisements to quickly convey your message.

Target Outranking Share

This PPC technique works incredibly well to tactically outrank any of your competitors on Google. This allows you to outbid your competitor’s advertisements by automatically adjusting your Google Ads bid, but it is only applicable to the campaigns of the search network you are targeting.

How it works

To begin, you start by selecting the campaign and pressing the ‘Selected’ button under the ‘Detail’ tab, you can examine a detailed representation of your competitor’s strengths in the first phase. An in-depth report will be shown so you can see which competitor is outranking you. Additionally, this report will demonstrate how frequently your adverts are displayed in contrast to those of the mentioned advertisers.

Next, the domains where your outrank share was lower than that of your rivals can be identified, and only then can you put this strategy into practice:

Select “Target Outrank Share” from the list of bid strategies. Mention the domain’s name, then configure the “Target to outrank,” “Maximum bid limit,” and “Bid Automation” tabs.

Be aware that manual bids require you to set the bids manually, whereas automatic bids give Google Ads the right to alter the bid.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get your campaigns moving. If you’re having challenges implementing the different bidding optimization techniques, or don’t know which is best for you, help is just a phone call away at 800-362-1084.

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