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Posted by Craig Maloney | February 22, 2017 | Filed under: Paid Media Articles

Paid Media

Though businesses could once depend on organic search results alone to guarantee online visibility, those days are long gone. Today, an integrated marketing plan must have room for both organic and sponsored search listings, which makes paid media imperative to any digital marketing plan. EverythingOnline is pleased to offer a range of services in developing Orange County paid media strategy, as well as monitoring and tracing results.

What is Paid Search?

When we talk about paid search, we are essentially just talking about sponsored ads, on search engine results pages (both Google and Bing) as well as on prominent social networks. Paid search has a number of advantages, including prominent placement within online real estate; in recent months, Google has devoted more and more of its SERP to paid ads. Moreover, paid search allows for truly precise targeting, empowering the advertiser to reach out to the desired consumers.

What is PPC?

Pay-per click is the most common form of paid search, and the one we most heartily recommend; basically, it enables your business to run targeted ads and to only pay for the ones that people actually click on. PPC comes in many forms, but the best-known is likely Google AdWords.

Pay Per Click Consultation

PPC is best implemented as part of a broader, integrated search strategy—and that requires some forethought on the front end, including careful selection of relevant keywords and phrases, as well as the development of a sound ad budget. EverythingOnline offers assistance with all of this.

Getting Started with PPC Advertising

Once a PPC strategy is established, we can work with you to set it into motion—bidding on keywords, crafting landing pages, writing ad copy, and reviewing and revising the PPC strategy as necessary. EverythingOnline is committed to helping your company get real results through its PPC efforts—not just clicks, but conversions.

Facebook Ads

Though Google is the most prominent location for paid ads, Facebook also boasts an increasingly effective advertising platform. Facebook ads offer powerful targeting tools, and can be a powerful way to reach consumers and to enhance your company’s presence on Facebook. EverythingOnline is pleased to offer expertise in Facebook ad management.

Boost Visibility on Google Search and Google Display

In today’s world, it’s more critical than ever for your business to be highly visible on the Web, and on search engines in particular—because simply put, that’s where consumers are turning to get information about brands, products, and services. And seeking organic results is only part of the process. Paid search is just as critical, and it’s worth investing in with the guidance of a skilled paid search professional. EverythingOnline more than fits the bill.

Promote Your Business Through Paid Social

In much the same way, companies have to maintain a presence on social media—and that means content marketing, but also paid ads. EverythingOnline is able to deliver results through Facebook advertising, and we can also guide you in such fields as promoted tweets, promoted LinkedIn posts, and beyond.

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