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Posted by Faye Martinez | December 20, 2022 | Filed under: Marketing

The goal of the written copy in advertisements sells the audience on taking action. The visuals help attract your attention and build trust, but it’s the copy that creates action. Marketers who write better ad copies will generate more conversions. Streamline your writing process by writing effective ad copy that sells every time with this guide.

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Writing effective ad copies isn’t easy but the process doesn’t have to be difficult. Check out our 5 steps to mastering the art of writing effective ad copy.

  1. Information is key to persuasion

People want to know what they don’t already know. So if your ad is going on about reinforcing a message that your customer is already familiar with then it isn’t going to work because it isn’t anything new or of interest to them. According to David Ogilvy, the Father of Modern Advertising, having useful information on your customer is the ultimate key to nailing your advertising.

The reason is that if we find out what our potential customers are looking for then we can go about creating an ad copy that effectively addresses their needs. A widely popular tool to use is Answer the Public, a keyword tool that visualizes search questions and provides suggested autocomplete searches in an image called a search cloud.

  1. People only care about themselves

A key fact that advertisers should never forget is that customers are fundamentally selfish. They aren’t going to buy from you unless they are convinced that you can address their specific needs. It’s as simple as that but highly critical if you want to increase your sales. Today, we have many tools to give us insights into what “specific needs” customers want to be addressed.

Tools like as mentioned above, Answer the Public, SemRush, and many more!

  1. Use everyday language

The way to create an ad copy that sells is to make sure that it is relatable to the intended audience. Remember that your customers are those who need information so being relatable goes beyond simply avoiding jargon used in the industry or going into technicalities. 

  1. Provide proof

Potential customers want their decision-making to be justified and most of the time when it comes to purchases the sweet spot to get people to trust you is to appeal to their emotions. This is why for advertising to be successful it needs to be emotionally appealing because it makes your brand more relatable. 

  1. Keep the focus

And lastly, it’s not a secret that people have short attention spans. So it’s that much harder to get potential customers to zero in on what you want them to do. Nowadays, there are pros and cons to keeping a potential customer’s focus such as:

  • PRO: We can use search queries to find out what a potential customer’s specific intent is.
  • CON: There are far more distractions now that make it harder to strike up a conversation.

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