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Posted by Craig Maloney | June 15, 2017 | Filed under: Adwords

How to Write AdWords Copy That Gets Results

AdWords can provide your brand with valuable online real estate—a great way to boost your visibility. Visibility alone isn’t really that desirable though; what’s more meaningful is conversions. AdWords can help here too, but only when you take the time to write truly persuasive copy. Good ad copy grabs attention and earns click, where mediocre ad copy just leads to your ads getting glossed over.

In this post, we’ll outline just a few of our most highly recommended AdWords copywriting strategies—the ones we know get real-world, bottom-line results.

How to Write Strong AdWords Copy

Think in terms of the user’s objectives.

What kinds of problems do your target consumers have—and what kind of solutions are they seeking? Your ad copy should always be informed by the value you’re offering to consumers—the “what’s in it for them.” Write copy that directly reflects the intent of your buyers.

Include numbers when you can.

Not only are statistics and numbers attention-grabbing, but they can help customers who are trying to choose between your product and a competitor’s. Often, the buyer already knows what he or she is looking for, and it all comes down to which brand offers the best value. Numbers convey this, so include them prominently—even in your headline.

Appeal to emotions.

Convey your value proposition, but also think about how your ads will make customers feel. Connecting your offer to a sense of happiness, satisfaction, relief, or entitlement is almost always a good thing.

Include a punctuation mark at the end of your first description line.

There is a practical reason for this—it could earn your ad an elongated headline if it places within the top three spots.

Preempt common objections.

You might be aware of some of the common roadblocks that consumers must face before they purchase your product. Don’t just pretend like these things don’t exist. Confront them head-on in your ad copy. Leave the consumer with no reason to worry or to doubt.

Focus on benefits.

We can’t stress it enough: The ad should be about the ways in which your brand, product, or offer will make the buyer’s life better. What’s in it for them? That’s always the guiding question.

And Don’t Forget the Importance of Ad Testing

As you work to develop better and better ad copy, you should also be conducting plenty of ad testing—running A/B ad sets and tracking which ones get superior results. Only with this data-driven approach can you be sure that you are running the most effective possible ads for your brand. And there is much that you can test. Some examples include:

  • Numerical abbreviations vs. full numbers (1m vs 1,000,000)
  • 50 percent off vs. half-off, etc.
  • Call to action words—discover, explore, experience, browse, etc.
  • Number of brand name mentions vs. non-branded keywords
  • Placement of your call to action
  • Landing page variations

Don’t be afraid to tweak anything and everything, just so long as you track your results and use your data to improve.

Get a Smart, No-Nonsense, Data-Driven Approach to AdWords

At EverythingOnline, we’re not interested in fluff, or in doing anything on AdWords that doesn’t translate into actual sales—and as such, we’re careful to be both strategic and data-centric in our approach. We don’t want to waste our clients’ time or ad budgets. We just want to help them grow their revenues through our smart Orange County Search Marketing solutions. To learn more about how we can help, we invite you to reach out to the EverythingOnline team today.


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