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Posted by Craig Maloney | February 22, 2017 | Filed under: Analytics & CRO Articles

Analytics and CRO

It is sometimes said that marketing without analytics is flying blind. There’s much truth to that statement. Analytic data shows you how well your marketing efforts are working, in terms of total traffic, bounce rates, and more. A related field is conversion rate optimization, or CRO, which helps you ensure that you’re not just getting eyeballs on your content, but actually turning views into customers. EverythingOnline is pleased to offer our expertise in these important fields, and to help you ensure that you’re getting maximum bang for your marketing buck.

Google Analytics

Though there are various tools available to tracking website analytics, Google Analytics is the most popular, and in most respects the most useful. Google Analytics helps you understand how your website is performing, and how it can be improved. The EverythingOnline team is here to help you install, run, and interpret Google Analytics for your website.

Web Analytics Tools

In addition to Google Analytics, there are other available tools for running website analyses and tracking their performance. EverythingOnline has experience with all of the most significant website data-gathering platforms, and we can help guide you toward the ones that are most relevant to your company and to your online marketing goals.

Google Analytics Reports

Not only can we help with Google Analytics configuration, but EverythingOnline can also help you run reports and collect data—necessary steps for truly getting the most out of the analytics process! We strive to provide all our clients with relevant new reporting on a regular basis, and make communication a top priority.

Digital Analytics Consultation

Once you have run your analytics report, we can sit down with you to guide you through the results—ensuring that you understand what the data says, what its implications are, and how best to process. EverythingOnline will work with you to refine your OC digital marketing approach based on the data you receive—eliminating things that aren’t working, enhancing things that are.

Landing Page Testing

A critical part of turning traffic into conversions is making landing pages—highly-targeted pieces of content that are designed to capture leads and to provide that lead with a strong, persuasive call to action. The process of creating an effective landing page required rigorous testing, and that’s something EverythingOnline can provide.

Landing Page Optimization

Additionally, we can help you craft a landing page from scratch, or else refine an existing one to make it more effective—more focused, more compelling, and more likely to have the intended effect. EverythingOnline is pleased to offer its expertise in landing page development.

Why EverythingOnline?

EverythingOnline has more than 15 years of experience in online marketing Orange County—and that includes unparalleled expertise in analytics and in landing page optimization. To learn more about our Analytics and CRO services, contact EverythingOnline today.


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