How You Make More Money With Paid and Organic Search

Every business wants to grow but the underlying fuel behind this accelerated growth is to make a profit to sustain their business. To do this requires utilizing SEO and Pay-per-click (PPC) which are each other’s most powerful tools to make sure your website ranks high in the search engines.

Data from PPC campaigns help you gain the upper hand in creating a better SEO strategy to help you reach your customers at every step of their buyer’s journey.

It’s important because at each step they’re being enticed to buy your product/service more which increases the chances of them making a purchase. The cycle repeats itself until you build a good reputation with your customers to turn them into repeat customers.

This is what every marketing strategy is about getting people to buy and come back to your product/service.

Getting started

If you want to optimize your chances of increasing your sales online, paid and organic search strategies should be used together to maximize the reach of your business or brand.

The way these work is by using paid search strategies to quickly drive traffic to a website or product offering, while organic search strategies are used to build long-term visibility and brand recognition.

Paid search strategies can be tailored to target specific audiences, while organic search strategies can be used to increase the relevance of your website content and rankings. So both of these strategies are important to building an effective online presence and can help to increase website traffic and conversions.

How SEO and PPC boosts your business

A huge benefit that SEO has by working with PPC is using large amounts of keywords and conversion insights to help companies consume a large portion of the SERPs, where they can showcase ads at the top of the page while owning the organic listings below.

This gives you more chances to capture your intended target market and showcase what your brand has to offer to new markets. If you opt out of running PPC and SEO simultaneously you are missing out on capturing a user because they can skip over your ad if you’re not showing up for their particular search.

By using both PPC and SEO together you use the data from PPC to gather insights as to what the users were and are searching for, and where your ads are showing, but not your organic listings.

From there, you can then take that data and start to create relatable and enticing content for those keywords and optimize your site for that phase of the user’s journey.

This increases the chance of having your PPC ads show at the top of the page as well as your website below those ads in the organic results.

So by bringing both PPC and SEO together, you are taking over the SERPs for a given keyword that will get you more exposure than what you would get if you only used SEO or PPC separately. You now also increase the visibility of your site and the chances that a user will click over to your site.

Potential customers are also more likely to see the value and trust in a brand that is well-represented across the SERPs. Think about it: You as a consumer will always prioritize and click on what’s at the top of the search results.


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