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Posted by Craig Maloney | May 8, 2017 | Filed under: SEO

Rehab Marketing & SEO

Your addiction rehab facility exists to help people—but in order to make a difference, or to turn a profit, you’ve got to have your beds filled. You’ve got to be known as an authority in the field. You’ve got to be regarded as the place to go for help detoxing and achieving recovery. None of that happens by accident. It happens when you put the right marketing plan into place—and that’s something EverythingOnline can assist with.

We’re integrative marketing specialists with combined decades of experience. We also happen to be passionate about working in the rehab space. More to the point, we see ourselves as being in the revenue-boosting business. We’re not here to win awards; we’re here to help our clients make money. And in the case of rehabs, that means filling their beds.

Our Services for Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

No matter your rehab’s particular marketing goals, EverythingOnline offers the solution. Consider these scenarios:

Your rehab wants to maximize referrals by owning your brand. The way you get referrals is by establishing yourself as the place to go for lifelong recovery; to become synonymous with effective, compassionate care. We offer the reputation marketing services to make that happen.

Your rehab wants to fill its beds/ achieve maximum census. This, of course, is how you make money. The way to do it is through an aggressive, highly strategic, national AdWords campaign—something that can be a huge revenue-generator when it’s done right. EverythingOnline is excellent at this.

You want to build outpatient awareness. You need strong local branding to be reimbursed by insurers, and you need targeted niche advertising—to the elderly, to high earners, to the LGBT community, etc.—to truly establish your brand. We can do all of this niche and localized branding for you.

You need national SEO branding. When people search for good rehabs online—whether they’re just down the road from you or several hours away—you need to be there. You need to have a presence. We know how to help you achieve it.

You need local detox conversions. When people look for the closest place to detox, it’s critical that your facility be the one Google suggests—and we can make that happen for you.

Solve Your Marketing Needs with EverythingOnline

Whether you are looking for an a la carte service or for something comprehensive, EverythingOnline has the expertise you need—to build your brand, to fill your beds, and to generate serious revenues. Learn more by talking to us about your rehab marketing goals; reach out to EverythingOnline today.


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