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  1. Overview of the Company Background

Paradiso is a yacht charter company that rents access to the Motor Yacht Paradiso, a tiki boat, (2) duffy boats, and (2) pontoon boats that go by the Sun Tracker Party barge, and a deluxe sun tracker pontoon. They manage three (3) websites,,, and

Industry: Boat Rentals

Website URLs: 





Products/ services we’re advertising

We are marketing boat rentals that come in two (2) different kinds: charter boat rentals (with captain), yacht charters (w/ captain and crew). All boats offer a captained charter, but only the Duffy Boats and Pontoons can be captained by a customer by themselves. 

The Yacht Charter Service also caters to the scattering of the ashes market, where cremated ashes are scattered at sea.

  1. Product or Service Offering

Product: Define what’s being sold

Rentals – boat rentals 

Charters – customized yacht charters for events and special occasions

Scattering of the ashes – scattering of cremated ashes at the sea

Problem: What pain points are we resolving? What are the implications for consumers if they don’t choose or don’t act?

Boat Rentals and Yacht Charters – another pain point is that when you want to have a corporate party, a birthday party, or celebrate an anniversary – any special event that you want to have on a boat.

For example at a yacht party you’re going to be entertaining people/ customers (for example corporate retreat, team building/ party). An implication for not using paradiso is you can miss out on experiencing the professional and expertise service that they provide.

Scattering of ashes – deceased have requested to scatter their cremated ashes at sea and preferred by some due to it being cheaper than burial plot. The pain points we are resolving here is that the family has a place where they can go to pay tribute to their loved one that is nice, calm, and serves the family’s needs. With this we are also resolving the pain point of ensuring that the crew and captain are expertly trained to handle the service and accommodate the family at sea. It is reasonably priced for the service that you are going to get.

The implication for the consumer if they don’t choose paradiso for scattering of ashes at sea is that they could not have a good memorable experience and can get sea sick. Afterall, you’re saying goodbye to a loved one so you want everything to be tight and professional.

People: Who are your target consumer groups? When and how do they engage with your brand for the first time and on a recurring basis?

The target consumer consumer is anyone within a 100 miles of Newport Beach and likes to be in the water. The majority of customers tend to be females because they happen to do most of the booking in regards to family events and corporate events. 

For corporate events, it can be anyone from the admin to the HR team or sales managers who are organizing the event. 

Boat rentals come across as a “date night” or bachelorette type of thing that women like to organize and go out on this. It can also be a seasonal event for families.

Scattering of ashes – anyone in the buying committee of the family.

They engage with the brand usually on Google search or on social media. Focused more on a geographic search to find boats for rent, yacht charter for parties, or anything to do on the beach.  

Paradiso has a good return rate of customers due to excellent service and good reviews online.

Place: Where will the product/ service be available for purchase?

Available for purchase on Newport beach.

Price: How much does it cost and how is the product/service/brand positioned in the market?

The cost for boat rentals are listed on the website per hour. While the other services are customer quoted. Paradiso is priced at the middle to higher up on the pricing scale- they are reasonably priced for the highest quality of service. 

Promotion: How will the product/service be advertised to the target market?

We use google ads, google organic, google global seo, social messaging, social ads, linkedin ads.

  1. Buying Triggers

Emotions: What kind of emotions drive a customer to enter the buyer’s journey or take action to look for your company?

There is usually an event happening either on an anniversary, holiday, date, night or anything because this is a vehicle for an event.

Influences: What would influence a customer to make a purchase?

As far as influences, referrals have a huge impact on customers making a purchase. There is a lot of stuff on google and yelp. Also availability, because Newport harbor is uniquely positioned on certain highways – people from Los Angeles don’t usually come down here unlike people around Orange county.

  1. Competitor Analysis

Competitor #1: Hornblower

Direct: Yes

Reason: A big competition because their portfolio of water and land-based experiences includes sub-brand City Cruises which offers dining, sightseeing, and private events.

Competitor #2: Electric Boat Rental

Direct: Yes

Reason: Close competition for boat rentals 

Competitor #3: Davey’s Locker

Direct: Yes

Reason: A direct competitor who competes with whale watching and deep sea fishing excursions, charter fishing boats, and private boat rental.

  1. Target Market Overview


Scattering of ashes – typically female that organizes the event for a family member. Location is 100 miles within the Newport Beach area.

Yacht Charters and Boat Rentals- We do find that the vast majority of people who are the target customers are in the top 5% income earners of the country. So the top 5-20% are those looking for yacht parties.

  1. Unique Selling Proposition

The USP is Paradiso has the nicest boats and the service of the staff is top quality for customers. They also have a range of choices for consumers who may want different boats for their yacht charter and boat rentals kinds of events.

Why do customers think you’re valuable?

Customers buy based on price and availability but after they experience the paradiso service they become a repeat buyer because of the good quality of service.

  1. Customer Experience: 

What do you want customers/clients to gain from the business?

We want the customers to have the time of their life and the best experience.

  1. Where are some of your reviews located?

Yelp and Google local


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