As FBI Crackdowns Increase, It’s Vital for Treatment Centers to Protect Their Brand Name

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Posted by Craig Maloney | August 10, 2017 | Filed under: Marketing, Online Reputation Management

FBI Crackdowns Increase

Multiple southern California drug and alcohol treatment centers have seen legal action taken against them in the last few months. Right or wrong as each case may be, it’s now absolutely vital for everyone in the treatment industry to bulletproof their reputation.

It’s not that you’re now considered dishonest among your peers, it’s the people outside of the industry that know a dark cloud is hanging over this field and it makes it harder to find someone to trust. Yes, your website is a great place to separate yourself from the pack. But maybe looking one step behind that to search engine result pages could be more valuable. Ensuring that every page on the internet that mentions your name is under your control and has the same exact message, brand name, address and phone number is a surefire way to help people trust you.

Think about it like this; a parent knows they need to send their child to drug and alcohol treatment. They know nothing about this world at all, only that they need help. Chances are they will search Google or another search engine for information on treatment or help. They’ll click around web searches until they see a site that conveys trust. From here one of two things happen and they lead to the same please. (1) They call the treatment center, or (2) they search for more information on the treatment center. And after the phone call, they go search for more information about the treatment center to make sure you are legitimate. Both ways, before they chose you, they’re searching for your brand name.

Why Treatment Centers Are at Risk

But let’s back up for a moment and isolate the specific problem. The simple fact is that, in the world of addiction rehab centers, branding can be rather muddled. This is partly because a lot of treatment centers relocate or change management with great frequency. It’s also because most of these businesses have similar-sounding names, with words like recovery or treatment being especially common.

The long and short of it is, it’s fairly normal for one treatment center to be conflated with another, even within the usually-sharp algorithms of Google. This, in turn, can lead to one treatment center getting some bad press, perhaps due to an FBI raid or simply a sinister allegation, and then a similarly-named treatment center suffering a decline in its online reputation.

And that’s really what’s at stake here—the reputation of your treatment center. Even if you’re the most professional and honest treatment center in the world, you’re going to lose business, and see your bottom line suffer, if your brand becomes confused with that of a shady or less-reputable business. Consumers who turn to the Web for online research aren’t going to spend a lot of time digging around; if they see anything that suggest your recovery center has had run-ins with the law, they’re going to move on to the next rehab and not give yours a second thought. For addiction recovery centers, it has never been more urgent to take control of online branding.

The Importance of Online Reputation

Importance of Online Reputation

Yes—but how?

This is where the online reputation management services of EverythingOnline come into play. Not only is ORM an important marketing tool, helping you to establish a powerful local search engine presence, but it’s also a form of insurance against all the mayhem that’s roiling the rehab industry.

Online reputation management is all about keeping your brand secure. That’s something that’s sometimes lost in the conversation about ORM, which tends to focus more on things like online reviews, Google star ratings, and the like. That’s all very key, and certainly of concern to all businesses, including recovery centers. But what’s not mentioned as often is that ORM provides businesses with confidence that they and they alone control what their brand is associated with on Google. And for recovery centers, where guilt by association is an increasingly real threat, that’s truly invaluable.

Online Reputation Management from EverythingOnline

Our ORM services will allow you to ensure that your branded content ranks well, and that it isn’t confused with the branding from another rehab center. It ensures that your online contact information is consistent and correct. And it helps you safeguard against any negative associations with other businesses or brands.

Everything we do for our clients is focused on results—not filler, not fluff, not marketing just to market, but bottom-line results. In the case of online reputation marketing, we can offer both a safety net and a powerful way to establish your local presence. To learn more, we invite you to contact the team at EverythingOnline today.


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