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Posted by Craig Maloney | February 22, 2017 | Filed under: Earned Traffic Articles

Earned Traffic
PPC and other advertising platforms allow businesses to acquire sponsored content, literally paying their way toward coveted ad placement. While paid search is critical for promoting your business on the Web, it also needs to be paired with an earned media strategy. Earned media includes SEO, content marketing, and more, and it is just what it says it is—online exposure that you actually earn, through an investment in solid, user-friendly content. EverythingOnline is proud to offer consultation services that span a range of earned media types.


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a set of actions and practices that can position your online content for maximum visibility. The entire purpose of SEO is to create online content that both appeals to users and follows the best practices laid out by Google, Bing, and other search engines. This requires intimate knowledge of search algorithms—which change constantly—as well as the technical skills required for on-site optimization. A sound SEO strategy also encompasses link building, content, and more—basically, all of the different disciplines we have outlined on this page. EverythingOnline is ready and able to help you develop a seamless, integrated SEO approach.

Link Building

When another website links to yours, it sends an important signal to the search engine algorithms. What it says is that your site is trusted—that it is an authoritative resource. That, in turn, tells the search engines that they should promote your site within the rankings. In other words, links from other blogs, websites, or online directories are critical for SEO success and for ultimate search engine visibility—but how can you get links? Paying for them runs afoul of Google’s rules and regulations, and won’t be successful in the long run. Links ultimately must be earned, and EverythingOnline can help your company develop the right strategy for building that portfolio of links.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is sometimes referred to as selling without selling. The premise is to engage customers by providing them with free, useful content—establishing yourself as a credible authority, and earning their trust. Not only does content marketing help you earn trust, but it can also help you earn the favor of the search algorithms. A content marketing strategy requires a commitment to creating and distributing high-quality content on a regular basis, which is something our team at EverythingOnline can help with.

Onpage SEO

Though SEO hinges on compelling content as well as off-site link building, onpage optimization is also crucial. This includes everything from proper meta descriptions to title tags and beyond. In fact, good SEO encompasses the underlying architecture of the site. Our team at EverythingOnline boasts deep knowledge of SEO best practices, and we’re ready to make that knowledge available on your company’s behalf.

Local SEO

A particular concern of many small businesses is outreach to local consumers—something that required an even more finely-honed SEO strategy. For businesses looking to make it into the Google local search pack, and to connect with customers in their own neighborhood, EverythingOnline is proud to offer a range of local SEO orange county services. Contact EverythingOnline today!


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